A Better NES PC
Why is this NES PC better you ask? Well, first off I went with a real Intel MoBo/CPU (As apposed to the VIA EPIA all-in-one boards). I also installed a GeForce 2 MX video card to allow me to play recent 3D PC games! Lastly I wired up the front controller ports to allow me to use my original NES controller with an NES Emulator! And I did this internally! This means no ugly wires plugged into the back of the NES looping back inside the case! There are also several other improvements I made along the way, read on to find out more!
My NES PC Specifications:
  • Intel Celeron 1.1a
  • FreeTech P6F135 815 Motherboard
  • 256MB PC133 RAM
  • GeForce 2 MX 400 w/64MB PCI
  • Hitachi 30GB 2.5 Laptop HD
  • Slimline 24x CD-ROM
  • Enhance 125watt 1U P.S.
  • Windows XP Pro

  • I have now broken the site down to several pages:
    Photo Gallery / Construction Notes / Video Cards / NES Controllers & EMU / Cooling

    Like LEGOs? Be sure and check out: BrickNameMaker.com
    While I know I that am not the first to think of this idea, I am certain that this is one of the best NES PC's to date. That is until I decide to build my next one! Much of my inspiration for this idea, came from the following predecessors:
  • Hard|OCP Thread One
  • Hard|OCP Thread Two
  • Wasson's NES PC
  • Another NES One
  • Another NES Two
  • And many more...
  • So big thanks to them!

    Other System Notes:

    Operating System Choice:
    Well, currently the system is running Windows XP Pro. I loaded this mostly at first just to get the system up and running quickly without having to hassle with drivers, config, etc. Although since it is a spare system for me, I will most likely be loading up linux on there sometime soon to play around with more, and once I am done messing around, I will most likely load up Freevo, and make it more of a HTPC.

    Prices / Costs:
    I got off fairly cheap building my NES. All in all, I spent right around $400 on parts +/- tax and shipping.

  • Motherboard: $150
  • PSU: $40
  • CD-ROM IDE adapter: $9
  • CPU: $43
  • RAM: $34
  • CPU Fan: $13
  • HD: $108

    That consisted of all my expenses since I already had the Slim CD-ROM, 2.5 HD IDE converter, Blue LED, Plexi, etc.
    A lot of people ask me where I bought the Motherboard from. Well, I found that KRI Computer was about the only company that stocks Freetech components, but I had to actually call and ask for the P6F135 Mainboard since it was not listed on their web site (They actually had one in stock, and shipped it out to me the same day!)

  • That's pretty much it! If you have questions that weren't covered in the write-up you can just email me!

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